Check Out: Moving Units – A Tribute To Joy Division


Moving Units are a dance-punk band based out of Southern California. They’ve been active for roughly 15 years now – their first EP being released in 2002, and their most recent album being released just a couple months ago.

Their latest release, A Tribute To Joy Division: Collision With Joy Division was surprisingly good. Covering a band as well-known and respected as Joy Division is pretty ballsy, and Moving Units’ renditions are definitely authentic while staying true to their own sound. Some may criticize that the guitar has a cleaner and more refined sound, and the bass isn’t as prominent as the originals. But don’t forget, covers should be artists interpreting the music of other artists – without sacrificing their own sound.

Give it a listen below via Spotify:




If you haven’t been listening to Moving Units, start with one of their originals from Dangerous Dreams (2004).


The band has merch and music available for purchase on Store Nvy.


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