Little Dragon’s Self-Titled Turns 10


Little Dragon’s self-titled turns a decade old today.

I remember the first time I heard “Twice” – it was a random song that came up on HypeMachine (back when people were avidly using that site) and I instantly fell in love. Must have been a couple of years after the actual album came out, and dang – I knew I was missing out on something good. I’ve always had this weird conflict of emotion when discovering new music – part of me is excited that I found something new, but the other part is upset that I didn’t find it sooner.

At the time, I felt that I really identified with the song “Twice” – both lyrically and emotionally. To me, it was about reaching a crossroads and meditating on the potential of the choices ahead of you.

Musically, the chords are beautiful and it’s a song that can draws strong emotions just by the sound alone.

I never really got around to listening to the full album until years later. So glad that I did though – Little Dragon presents the perfect balance of upbeat and electronic-y blues falling under the indie umbrella. Each song is so different, and it’s hard to bucket the music into just one genre.

In the 10 years since Little Dragon’s first release in 2007, they’ve made 5 more albums, plus somewhere around 30 EPs, Singles, and collaborations – including the song with SBTRKT (an all-time favorite of mine):



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