On Rotation: May 2018

Hate Drugs – “Afterimage”


Honeyblood – “Choker”


Foliage – “Dare”


Talkie – “Sunny”


Talkie – “Marcy”


Daise – “Wonderful Lies”


Prettiest Eyes – “A Sweet Song”


Knightingale – “Bangkit”


Macho Culture – “Make It Better Than The Next Time (Wires)”


Burnt Ones – “Gonna Listen To T.Rex (All Night Long)”


Dani Bell and the Tarantist – “Driving Me Crazy”


Vundabar – “Acetone”


Cut Worms – “Don’t Want To Say Good-bye”


The Sea Life – “Daymare”


girl in red – “i wanna be your girlfriend”


Kid Bloom – “Lately It Feels Alright”


Whole Milk – “I Don’t Miss You”



Listen to the playlist below via Spotify:

…and be be sure to give the playlist a follow, as it gets continuously updated throughout the month!



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