Premiere: Talkie – “Boring Now”

Today is the premiere for Talkie’s latest single from their upcoming album, Everything Matters. The song “Boring Now” has a message that most of us in early adulthood can relate to – the juggling act of life and trying to find balance for it all. Between work, hobbies, friends and family, and still having me-time, sometimes it seems that you just have to accept the fact that you’re “boring now”. Of course this is a tongue-in-cheek look at the situation, but it speaks some truth to what it feels like when you get caught up in your personal goals and don’t have the time or energy like you used to.

Eric, Matt, Chris, and Brad each gave me their individual takes on the song, describing how it was derived as a phoenix of sorts from the ashes of Matt’s shelved song.

Eric: The original recording was tracked during the Fundamental Things sessions and was recorded without a click track which sucked when we decided to rewrite pretty much the entire thing. I think I played the whole song with mallets. I don’t know why.

Matt: I wrote a song, and we trashed that song. Brad took that and made a completely fresh song out of it. Love the Beach Boys-ish backup vocals in the choruses. 

Chris: This one was a fun surprise when Brad wrote new lyrics and melody over a scrapped song. I love the minimalism of the instruments and the use of backing vocals for dynamics. 

Brad: Lyrically, the song tackles some feelings I’ve been wrestling with the older I get. I’ll get super busy with work, life or music, and not get to see my friends or family as much as I’d like to. I’ll miss birthdays and important stuff, and just feel terrible about it. For a long time, I justified it in my head with thoughts like “when everything works out, it’ll all be ok. I’ll get a better job that gives me better hours. The band will make it. I’ll move and live closer to my friends.” Thinking thoughts like that can make you go a little insane -especially when you’re hangin’ on for a life-change that never comes, and you wake up 5 years later to find you’re not the person you want to be.

Listen to the new single “Boring Now” below:

Everything Matters will be out via the band’s independent label Milkcarton Media Group on May 24th, 2019.
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