What’s New: Floral Jacket – Trash Jacket.

This past weekend Floral Jacket shared their debut and final album following the announce of their separation last fall. Prior to this release, the band had only two singles circulating, Deal and Sentiments, both of which the indie-rock quartet found refuge in a balance of fast-strumming guitars and belted-out, heart-rending vocals.

The band left their friends and fans with a note of closure to supplement their concluding collection of songs:

This album was nowhere close to being easy. It didn’t just take a few months, but on and off over 2 years. Recording it and tossing it multiple times, spending days in actual studios and home studios. There were disagreements, agreements, “I think we did it!” moments, and “Can we do this?” moments. There were happy memories, sad memories, tears, laughter, and gratitude. This album was a pure representation of Floral Jacket. It wasn’t easy but it was absolutely worth it because it was us. 

Thank you guys for being on this wild journey with us the past 3 years, we couldn’t have done any of this without you. Here is our parting gift, we did this for you. We hope you like it and we love you all.

– Floral Jacket

Being based out of the music hub that is San Fransisco, we can expect to see more projects from members of Floral Jacket soon enough. In the meantime, listen to Trash Jacket., the band’s parting gift to us. There’s a dichotomy of an underlying happy/sad feeling throughout the 11 tracks. Take “Tell Me Everything” for example, which starts as sounding lighthearted but takes a turn when lyrics are introduced (to paraphrase):

Here we are face to face, broken hearted.

I thought, well I hope the void would be filled between.

Here we are once again, nothings changed.

Oh but we’re holding to what’s left, cause we’re trying to fix it.

It’s not a blindside per se, but a keyhole-look into what life really is; a combination of sentiments that is never entirely one pin-pointed thing. It’s a great listen if you’re looking for music with substance and emotion – music that will actually make you feel something rather than fill your head with empty notes.

Support Floral Jacket and their future projects by purchasing and streaming their music via Spotify, Bandcamp, & iTunes, and giving them a follow on Facebook & Instagram.

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