What’s New: Fabienne DelSol – Four

Fabienne DelSol’s fourth solo album Four is a modern psych maze of mirrors, bubbling with retro “freakbeat” garage-rock inspiration. Four is DelSol’s first release in nearly a decade and proved to be a strong comeback for the French-born/London-based singer. Before embarking on her solo works, DelSol was formerly known for her her involvement as frontwoman for garage-rock supergroup The Bristols.

The hypnotizing rhythms in Four draw you in and invite you to waltz with Fabienne DelSol’s wispy yet defining vocals. Familiar organs of “Door Knob” and “So Many Could Not” spin you into sync with DelSol’s romantic reflections; a chromatic plane of insights showing her coexisting firm and tender sides. “When I Awake” lays out echoey reverberations of assurance that bleeds into the proclamation spelled out in “No Love To Give.” Overall, Four takes DelSol’s style introduced in the early 2000s and modernizes it with a fresh coat of melody, all while staying true to her original self and sound.

Listen to Four below:

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