What’s New: Louis Prince – “Ode”

Jazzy synth-pop artist Louis Prince releases a new single “Ode” today ahead of his upcoming album Thirteen. Louis Prince is the new moniker and side-project of Nashville-based artist Jake McMullen, who’s also known for his self-named (and mildly popular) sentimental folk-rock. With just a total of four singles out now as Louis Prince, he’s already fueled much anticipation for what’s to come in his debut album Thirteen, set for release sometime in 2020 on Last Gang Records.

Jake explains how the title of Thirteen draws from both superstition and tradition; “It feels unlucky, and I like that… I like going against this strange thing that humans treat as voodoo – I want to embrace it.” The album as a whole also represents sort of a cathartic approach to facing some personal struggles in his life. The opening track “Ten Sprites,” is Jake addressing his parents’ divorce and the conflicting feelings about the nature of family that emerged as a result.

Families are such a weird thing… We’re born into it and responsible for each other. I have a strange issue with commitment, in which I can’t let anybody into my world because it will fuck with making music. If someone else comes in and I wind up falling in love, my music will suffer. I know it’s an irrational fear, but I can’t write it off.

Topics surrounding his own religious upbringing also materialize in Thirteen, with the first single “Half Acres” revisiting themes of commitment and validation. Jake explains the song’s central focus of getting over his lack of commitment and his questioning of being open and able to love. This is all deduced into the loaded chorus of the single repeated line; “Is it gonna happen for you?”

Listen to Louis Prince’s new single “Ode” below:

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