Artist Spotlight: The Nude Party


The Nude Party are a six-piece band native to North Carolina,  but their popularity out here in California has been growing exponentially. They are actually known for playing naked – but this exclusive performance is only available at House Shows where there are no potential dress code or health violations. I have now made it my goal in life to attend one of these exclusive performances.

The Nude Party is:
"The Mullet" Don Merrill (keys)
"Triple Play" Austin Brose (percussion)
"Texas Pete" Alec Castillo (bass)
"Steam Williams" Shaun Couture (lead guitar, vox)
Connor Mikita (drums)
Patton Magee (lead vox, guitar)






The group fuses sounds that teleport you to a place that lands somewhere between knee-slapping and acid-tripping. According to Music Box Pete, they coined this genre as “RockaBilly Ocean.” Imagine a supergroup comprised of The Growlers, Mr. Elevator, and The Abigails.

Start by listening to Forbidden Fruits below:






Please support the band by purchasing their music through Bandcamp.


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