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Radio Trails is a San Diego based music blog, although the music covered stretches worldwide.

My mission?

To find good music and funnel it into the ears of open-minded listeners, who crave something new and unique.

To chat with musicians and unearth the origins of their music, and to also just generally share what I’ve been listening to and what’s new.

To give talented artists a platform to showcase and share their work, and to ultimately get it to the right listeners.


So.. what is a radio trail? The title is a reference to an Aesop Rock song. The actual quote: “where the radio trails off” describes leaving society and entering the wilderness, beyond the distance that radio waves reach.

Radio Trails are detaching from society and entering a blissful music state


I’d love to feature your band! If you would like to be featured, just tweet @radiotrails or email radiotrails@gmail.com

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