Radiotrails is a community where people go to discover new music and support art, both locally and globally.


This is not a news site. This is not another pigeon-holed media outlet. This is not a place for hollow content to stay an overnight residency because it’s a relevant placeholder.

This is a place for open-minded people who want to expand their music palette. This is a place for the musically curious, who want to explore new music and learn more about the artists behind it – be it a brand new discovery or an already existing favorite one.


At the end of the day, we aren’t attending shows just to regurgitate videos or photos. We aren’t blindly reporting to our audience just to create and push out empty content to followers. The mission for Radiotrails is to curate an audience that is curious. We want to give talented artists a platform to showcase and share their work, and to ultimately get it to the right listeners. Listeners who are open-minded and who want to broaden and explore their tastes. Listeners who crave something new and unique. We don’t want to tell you what you already know.



So… what is a radiotrail? The title is a reference to an Aesop Rock song. The actual quote: “where the radio trails off” describes leaving the habitual city and entering the unfamiliar wilderness, beyond the distance that radio waves reach.

Radiotrails are detaching from the structured norm and going off-grid. It is disassociating from the desensitized standard and entering a blissful music state.


Please send artist submissions to radiotrails@gmail.com

Email radiotrails@gmail.com for any other inquiries.


Based in San Diego, CA