What’s New: The Babe Rainbow release their debut album

Max-TynanYour summer hasn’t officially begun until you throw The Babe Rainbow’s first ever full length album on the record player and kick back with a cold one. As previously stated in last month’s What’s New, The Babe Rainbow is going to be the band of the summer, and they’re going to rise to the mainstream as fast as Tame Impala did when they came out with Currents in 2015.

Everything about The Babe Rainbow is redolent of the drug-induced decades of the better half of the 20th century. The Babe Rainbow are the psychedelic love prophets sent to fulfill the youth’s nostalgia for a time that they didn’t exist in.

The Babe Rainbow are all about universal love, good vibes, and Monkey Disco.


So sit back in your hammocks, bust out your flower-crowns from last year’s Coachella, and give it a listen here:

Support the babe rainbow by purchasing their album on vinyl via Flightless Records (who are also the label for The Murlocs, King Gizzard and the Wizard Lizard, and many other sweet psychedelic bands), and check out their merch and more at their store on the Babe Rainbow Site and on Bandcamp.

If you liked what you heard above, be sure to check out The Babe Rainbow’s very first groovy single, Love Forever:

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