Artist Spotlight: Dumb Boy

Watch out, here comes Dumb Boy. While he’s surfing the waves of jagged rhythms, you’ll find yourself in a perpetual time-loop — trying to spiritually calibrate to what your ears are absorbing. There’s a hypnotizing effect his music has; spunky, tune-divergent melodies both keep you on the edge of your seat and at the same time tap into a new underlying mix of genres that’s pleasing especially to a hungry ear.

Dumb Boy is the solo effort of Rogers Muldrow from Raleigh, North Carolina. Rogers had previously tinkered with producing sample-based electronic music, but after beginning the Dumb Boy project his creative energy was redirected and funneled into the quirky bedroom-funk we hear today. With new music lined up for release in early 2020 and prospective plans to move out west, we can expect hear more from Dumb Boy very soon along with a potential expanding to a semi-collaborative operation.

Rogers shares the inspiration behind his latest single “Crumbs” –

The song is the perspective of someone who is completely stoned out of their mind. The chorus is describing the feeling of someone too zoned out to listen to the people around them. The second verse is actually from the perspective of a third party talking to the main character.

Listen to “Crumbs” below, and stay tuned for new music from Dumb Boy coming in early 2020:

Support Dumb Boy by purchasing and streaming their music via Bandcamp, Spotify, Soundcloud, and Apple Music.
Stay up to date with Dumb Boy via Instagram.

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