What’s New: August 2018

So far, August has boasted some pretty great releases, among them being new albums from Still Corners, Oh Sees, and Mystic Braves; and singles from Harmless (fka Twin Cabins), girl in red, Hawaiian Gremlins, Kurt Vile, and so many more. See the full list of selections below:

Amber Arcades – “Where Did You Go”

Amber Arcades is folk-y dream pop woven with innocently curious undertones. Based in Holland, Annelotte has played alongside members from Quilt and Real Estate, and has collaborated with Bill Ryder-Jones.

IAN SWEET – “Hiding”

IAN SWEET’s new single “Hiding” is about “embracing life’s hurdles and make them feel a little less scary.” Much of the forthcoming album, Crush Crusher, revolves around themes of self-image and self-respect. Crush Crusher is set to release this October.

girl in red – “4am”

girl in red is a pretty new project from 19 year old Marie. Everything is recorded and produced from her bedroom in Norway, and the product is both authentic and relatable. If you like what you hear below, be sure to check out the rest of her singles.

Gorgeous Bully – “Patience”

Manchester-based Gorgeous Bully dropped their first single of 2018, and have an album in the works, along with a split 7″. They’ve had releases through Z Tapes, (alongside artists like Foliage and Fox Academy) and the upcoming one will be through Breakfast Records.

Harmless – “Como Somos”

Harmless (fka Twin Cabins) has had a few releases this year under his new moniker. The new name stems from a recent accident and heartbreak. His new EP is set to release this fall, and it covers some of the emotions that came to surface during this difficult time:

“[This EP] encompasses how alone I felt romantically and culturally at the time… Americans communicate interpersonal and intimate comfort differently than in Mexican culture. This music is representative of that realization.”

Hawaiian Gremlins – “Americana”

Hawaiian Gremlins have gone from shoegaze-indie to more psych with this release but it’s still a good one. I strongly suggest checking out their 2014 album Girls, still an all-time favorite of mine.

GRMLN – Impressions from the Dark

GRMLN’s new release is so great, I don’t know where to start. You should start by listening to the song below, “Sad Desire,” and you’ll know what I mean.

Jerry Paper (feat. Weyes Blood) – “Grey Area”

Who would have thought that Jerry Paper and Weyes Blood were the collab that we were waiting to happen.

Kurt Vile – “Loading Zones”

Kurt Vile can’t write music that doesn’t get you in a good, chilled-out mood. He’s been busy working on his project with Courtney Barnett, so hopefully this release is a precursor for a new solo full-length in the works.

Mystic Braves – The Great Unknown

Mystic Braves play nostalgic psych-rock, and The Great Unknown perfectly exhibits just that. Compared to their previous releases, this one is a lot more relaxed, while still radiating the desert-y undertones that the band is known for.

Night Shop – “The Ship Has Sailed”

Night Shop is a new(ish) solo project curated by Justin Sullivan, who has had a prolific resume: he’s drummed for Kevin Morby, The Babies, Flat Worms, Ringers, The Insurgent, and Bossy.

Thee Oh Sees – Smote Reverser

It’s almost impossible to put into words how great this album is, but it just rips.

Part Time (feat. Ariel Pink) – “I Can Treat You Better”

Part Time and Ariel Pink got together to deliver a romantic 80s-style ballad (also featuring an appearance by a sexy saxophone).

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets – “Social Candy”

The first thing you have to do when listening to Psychedelic Porn Crumpets is wrap your head around what their name means. The band offers a power-psych that hits the sweet spot somewhere between Meatbodies and King Gizzard.

Still Corners – Slow Air

Still Corners return with yet another dreamy, ethereal album. Listen to the first minute of the first song, and you’ll be hooked.

Her’s – “Under Wraps”

If you’re not already listening to Her’s, now would be a great time to start. They also released the below single just a week before the album release, so make sure to check that out if you like what you hear below.

Beach Goons – hoodratscumbags

Beach Goons from San Diego have released their second full-length album, hoodratscumbags. It’s raw and it’s a new experience with every listen. They’ll be on tour all month so check out those dates here.

Summer Salt – “Speaking Sonar”

Summer Salt’s new single, “Speaking Sonar,” will instantly put you chill, easy-going mood.

More notable mentions below –

SadGirl – Breakfast For 2

Yeek – “Car Window”

Wild Nothing – “Shallow Water”

Summer Heart – “Subside” (feat. Kylo)

Young Jesus – “Deterritory”

Pale Waves – “Black”

Work Drugs – “Sally (Holding On To Forever)”

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