What’s New: Music Videos July 2019

Xeresa – All The Love (feat. Ieva)

Xeresa, the electronic/shoegaze side-project of Nicolas Pierre Wardell, released a brand new album this month titled III. In this album, seventeen instrumental tracks were sent to seventeen different collaborators to freely add whatever contributions they see fit. The results actually meld really well together, with a fresh artistic ear to borrow in each song.

Watch the video for All The Love (feat. Ieva) below, and check out the full album out July 13th via Bandcamp.

Don Vail – Institutionalized

Indie-rock quartet Don Vail released their newest energetic album a few months back, Stand Of Tide. The new video for “Institutionalized” starts with what looks like an archive of with some home video footage with survival-based tips sprinkled in, and closes with some trippy illustrations of what could happen when these guidelines aren’t followed. The band claims this song is “probably the closest thing to a pop song we’ve ever done, and we love it.”

Watch the video for Institutionalized below, and check out the full album out May 31st via Bandcamp.

Panther Modern – Body//Reaction

Panther Modern is the fresh new solo project of Brady Keehn, who was half of the now-discontinued new wave/post-punk duo Sextile. The futuristic multi-dimensional music video is also a way to describe Panther Modern’s first EP, Los Angeles 2020. It’s shiny, high energy, and a little disorienting (in the best way possible).

Watch the video for Body//Reaction below, and check out the full EP out May 31st via Bandcamp.

WHY? – The surgeon nervously goes on, he never claimed to be God

The fourth installment of WHY?’s EP video series is a montage of distorted vignettes that serve as the perfect backdrop for the avant-garde experimental rap EP. Check out the videos for the rest of the EP series via the Joyful Noise Youtube channel.

Watch the video for part IV. below, and check out the full EP via Bandcamp.

Mauno – Take Care

Mauno are a quirky indie duo from Montreal that have had some strong album releases since their formation a few years ago, and “Take Care” is one of the singles from the upcoming album, which will be out in just a few weeks now. The video for “Take Care” is short and sweet, and insanely colorful – the perfect compliment to the band’s unique sound. In the video, Nick and Eliza are shown slowly being wrapped in bubble and plastic wrap, gradually (and happily) becoming one with the packing nuts in shipping boxes.

Watch the video for Take Care below, and keep an eye out for the new album coming August 2nd via Bandcamp.

Feather Weight – Something Else

Feather Weight’s message behind “Something Else” is something that everyone can relate to in one way or another. It’s about having a duality of personalities; an external that is shown to the world and an internal that is kept to yourself. The foggy, non-linear video is meant to compliment the feeling of not having that perfect alignment, while also bringing some awareness to mental health issues. Feather Weight’s psychedelic-surf vibe provides a calming meditative ground while also underlining that there’s always a light at the end of tunnel.

Watch the video for Something Else below and check out the new EP out July 5th via Bandcamp.

CHATROOMS – It’s Alright

CHATROOMS have a familiar, nostalgic sound that hits that sweet spot of indie-rock/punk (and maybe a pinch of emo). While watching this video, I was trying to figure out what was making it seem summer-y to me – and I got it. The background colors perfectly match those ombre-popsicles your mom used to always get during the hot months.

Watch the video for It’s Alright below and check out the rest of the band’s discography via Bandcamp.

Keith Mosfet – Superficial Hypocrite

Well, this is “a song that would take the piss out of my generation and I” so you know it’s going to be good. “Superficial Hypocrite” is a tongue-in-cheek but also very real parody on the social media that’s slowly taking over everyone’s lives. The product is a fun garage banger that you can’t help but laugh at when you catch a line of lyrics – “It only matters what I say, I’m putting dog filters on my face, I’m just out here living my best life…”

Watch the video for Superficial Hypocrite below and stream the new single via Spotify.

Autogramm – Cool Kids

This “summer camp comedy meets slasher flick” music video is a feel-good jingle from British Colombia-based band, Autogramm. The indie-rock/power-pop outfit clearly had a lot of fun with this one; from the rope swing, clown make-up faced dancing child, and (my personal favorite) BBQ tongs clapping along with the drums.

Watch the video for Cool Kids below and check out the rest of the band’s discography via Bandcamp.

Fake Crush – High Top Kicks (feat. Matthew O’Halloran)

Fake Crush’s new summer-y indie-rock anthem “High Top Kicks” is damn near impossible to not sing and dance along to. And it’s even more convenient with the lyrics right on the screen of the music video.

Watch the video for High Top Kicks below and stream the new single via Spotify.

Blitz//Berlin – Collider

In this video, Blitz//Berlin’s new soothing electronic/downtempo track “Collider” is paired with a vibrant tropical landscape. There’s a curiously bizarre (and beautiful) coloring to the hills and trees that resemble a dream.

Watch the video for Collider below and check out the full album out June 6th via Spotify.

Opoengo – Hopeless

This blues-y slow jam from Opoengo is full of soul and emotion. Written during a time of change, in this song there’s channeled feelings rooted in moving cities, heartache, and mental health. With a title like “Hopeless” it definitely brings you down to the intended feeling; but it’s a good reminder that life isn’t all beer and skittles. The simply animated video aligns with this thought as well, highlighting the regular cycle of life and death in nature.

Watch the video for Hopeless below and check out the new LP coming soon via Spotify.

Stef Chura – Scream

Stef Chura balances an unlikely complimentary palette of unsuspecting powerful trembling vocals, pressed against grunge-y indie-rock melodies. In Scream, Stef embraces high school nostalgia and stereotypes (complete with janitor closet make-out sessions and DIY apple pipes).

Watch the video for Scream below and check out the full album out June 7th via Bandcamp.

John Van Deusen – Social Sucker

John Van Deusen’s upbeat indie-rock single “Social Sucker” is released ahead of the third volume of the “(I Am) Origami” album series. The accompanying music video follows the eclectic black-and-white storyline of a man trying to recover from social media “soul sucking” (literally).

Watch the video for Social Sucker below and check out the full album out July 19th via Bandcamp.

Froth – 77

Froth’s latest album has a sound that’s been submerged in a pool of lo-fi psychedelia, with a sprinkling of shoegaze-y garage-rock and dream pop. The video for “77” is a 90s-esque montage of retro VHS-kaleidoscope video excerpts.

Watch the video for 77 below and check out the full album out June 7th via Bandcamp.

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