Q&A: Blushh

Blushh is the (metaphorical) rags-to-riches story of Shab Ferdowsi. The band creates music reminiscent to your favorite 90s alternative tracks, mixed with accents from your favorite surf and lo-fi female-fronted bands.

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Last month, Blushh self-released their very first EP, It’s Fine (out June 12, 2017). This album features five indie-rock-lo-fi-girl-punk tracks, fronted by the confident and bona fide female vocals of Shab. Blushh’s music sounds like the musical reverberations of teenage diary entries, complete with the backdrop of a pastel-pink bedroom.

Shab shared with me the origins of Blushh, her musical influences, and what to expect from the band in the coming months. Read below:


Hi Shab! I always like to start by asking how the band got started. What’s the story behind the conception of Blushh?

I was about to move to Ireland for a few months on a Working Holiday Visa in the fall of 2015. I thought it would be funny if instead of getting a part-time job, I made my living there busking the streets of Galway. So, more as a joke, I started writing songs before I left so that I could have songs to busk with while I was there.

Fast forward three months and I was back in LA with a genuine desire to keep writing music, but not much of idea for what else I could do.

After showing some friends what I already had, they offered to not only join my band but also record my music.

So for the rest of 2016 I continued writing songs, getting my band together, until it all finally fell into place in November with “Are We Too Far?” and my first show ever with a band. Let me tell you, playing with a band is so much louder and more fun than playing alone 🙂

Oh I bet! That’s pretty awesome though. How old were you when you went to Ireland in 2015?

23! So if ya do the math considering my birthday was June 23rd… I’m now 25.

Well happy belated birthday! Were you writing music or playing in any bands before you went to Ireland?

Nope! I wrote my first songs starting August 2015. I had an acoustic guitar for years, and would play a few chords on it every now and then, but never seriously. In 2015 i started actually putting words to those chords, and last August I bought my first electric guitar.

So I’m still VERY new this music making thing.

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 6.08.52 AMWell that’s pretty amazing though! Who would you say are your biggest musical influences?

Lol I lowkey don’t like that question.

Up until 2015, i was listening to whatever indie pop was at my fingertips: Grouplove, Walk the Moon, Naked and Famous, and the like.

It wasn’t until that summer that i started diving in to more garage pop/ surf rock stuff, bringing me to where I am today where I listen to a lot of the likes of Diet Cig, Alvvays, The Babies, Surfer Blood, Wild Nothing etc.

So who am I most influenced by? I truly couldn’t tell you because I started paying attention to music at about the same time I began writing. Sure, with time my writing has become and will continue to become not only better but also more specific, but for now, I’m not writing thinking or feeling any genre, really.

I like that approach though, it shows that you’re producing the music from within, and not being another copycat. Also, The Babies are one of my top all-time favorite bands 🙂

Are you from LA originally?

Heck yesss to the babies! I’ve become such a Kevin Morby fan girl lol.

Indeed, born, raised and still living in LA! I’m not the biggest fan honestly. I wanted to leave for college, didn’t. Wanted to leave after college, didn’t.

Alas. I can’t complain, life is good here. But I don’t like the heat, I don’t drive so that’s not fun 55% of the time, and i wish the city was more walkable. Some more trees would be nice too lol.

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You’ll like Blushh if you like: Bleached, Best Coast, Wavves, Courtney Barnett, or Colleen Green.
Listen to “It’s Fine” below and support Blushh by purchasing their music via Bandcamp.
Stay up to date with Blushh by giving them a follow on:


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