1623712_610682632347586_933971751_nBEIJU is the brand new indie-electronic project of Caitlin Seager. I originally found out about BEIJU through one of her past lo-fi projects, Night Manager. Give them a listen below:

Caitlin’s role of vocalist has always presented the perfect gloomy yet electrifying front that somehow captured consonance in the midst of chaotic lo-fi harmonies. There won’t be any more releases from Night Manager (or will there??), but BEIJU offers a breath of fresh air into the EDM/Electronic scene, and it will be interesting to see where the sound is taken to next.

BEIJU’s debut EP, Demain, came out earlier this summer on June 21, 2017. Demain lays out 5 tracks that perfectly depict summer nights, solidarity, and stepping outside of your comfort zone. Stream it below via Bandcamp:


Caitlin of BEIJU took some time to answer some questions about the new EP, where she finds inspiration, and her past projects.


I was a long-time listener of Night Manager, and was thrilled to learn of BEIJU! I’d love to start with just a little summarized version of the rise and fall (figuratively, of course) of Night Manager, and how BEIJU was birthed from that. 

So Night Manager was a pretty intense band- we were all very close friends. Sometimes its hard to run a band, a project, a business with people that are so close. We were getting too emotional and personal about everything and eventually we just had to break up. It was very sad, and I personally was super disappointed. It was a great experience nonetheless, and we all went separate ways with various projects. I’m actually still working on music with Ezana, who wrote most of the NM stuff. Who knows, maybe we’ll release something one of these days.

After that, I decided to focus on my own original work. Had a band for a while, but it wasn’t doing it for me as I was getting more and more interested in electronic music. I went off the grid for a while and worked on production by myself, and Demain is the first thing that came out of this “Phase.”

Wow, that’s some pretty heavy stuff. But glad to hear that you’re still making music.

Yeah, you know it’s like moving in with your best friend- sometimes it doesn’t work out lol!

Is BEIJU only yourself or do you have any collaborators?

I’m working mostly by myself but I collaborate with a lot of ppl – Juan Sanchez added drums on some on my tracks, Lillia always boosts the mixes, my friend cal fish played flute on a track as well! I like to have people over and record them, use them for parts or even just getting their feedback. I have so many talented musician friends. It’s kind of my favorite thing to do.

Who would you say are your biggest musical influences?

That’s always a tough one. Hmmm. Well. My biggest influences are musicians that are unique and create a whole aestethic of their own. I admire authenticity and it inspires me to be just myself and write whatever the fuck I want!


I respect musicians who get real and personal, who take risks. So that includes Björk, Kendrick Lamar, FKA TWIGS, that dude “Jacques” or King Krule. I wish I sounded like Kaytranada if I’m honest haha. Good grooves good sounds cool vox – So tasteful!

Hey being unique is what being an artist is all about! 

What have you been listening to most recently?

I was listening to a lot of trap music lol but Im gettin Sick of it. Going back to the roots: jazz. Been listening to classic albums like on the corner by miles Davis, a whole lot of Coltrane, too. I also have a morning routine of waking up to “feel good” Music like funk and reggae “the heart of the congos” by the congos or small talk and there’s a riot going on by sly and the family stone. good Summer vibes.

That’s a pretty nice array of music – What are your top releases/albums of 2017 so far?

DAMN. was really good. But that’s an obvious one. I’m super excited for the upcoming kelela. I wish I’d play keys for her band or smth. She’s amazing! On the house side I’ve been digging JACQUES, and max graeff.

I don’t know, I’ve been going back to the 70s and kinda missed this year’s releases. You just made me want to go check all that out. Can’t believe it’s August already.

Where did the name Demain come from? Would you say there are any recurring themes throughout the album?

Yes there’s a recurring theme: trying to change. Trying to move forward. I’m a Gemini and I’m impatient. I’m always thinking about tomorrow (demain).

I’ve been working hard on trying to “be” in the present but my mind is always a step forward. It’s good and bad. It pushes me to try new things, and never feel settled- but it’s also a restless state of mind and I can see how it’s not healthy, in a way.

IMG_8689What is your favorite song off of Demain and is there a story behind it?

My favorite song out of this ep? Hmmm. Well, I Love and hâte them all equally. I hear my vulnerability exposed and it’s so uncomfortable, repulsive even. And then other times, coming from a more distant perspective I’m like “word this is cool”

I think “lifted” even though I didn’t choose it to be the single. The form is too weird. But there’s the intro that’s so dramatic harmonically, then The little french part comes out of space, It ends with this house beat, but mostly it s à Love song “wish I didn’t have to go, breaks my heart I love you so damn much.” Two things I’m trying to do more: Sing in french and send a positive love message.

The song makes me feel like when you re about to go on a trip. Packing, saying goodbye, locking your door, go to the airport, and be on the plane with all these different feelings: excitement, a boost of fresh energy but also fear, nostalgia. Hey that sounds like a music video. Thank you these questions are very inspiring!!


Support BEIJU by showing some love through the following social links:


If you dig Night Manager, check out it’s phoenix Blood Sister, featuring members of Night Manager, Warm Soda, Ganglions, and The Mallard:



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