Q&A: Antique Doll

Antique_DollAntique Doll are a ma-and-pa duo that create “moth-like music” in their living room. The euphonious duo are based in the UK and their music falls somewhere between a medieval lullaby and a stripped-down folk hymn. Imagine the renderings of ancient folklore set to music, echoing down the halls of an abandoned stone-age castle. The couple behind the music, Richard and Fiona, produce the music as it comes to them – without any rules or reservations.

Fiona and I discussed Antique Doll’s origins, their novel production process, and how they find unconventional inspiration. Read below:


Any new music in the works?

We’re often tinkering away with stuff, but we recently released our song “Airspeak” in April and “Broken” in November. We kind of sporadically pop out songs, which isn’t conventional, but we’re a bit rinky dink in that sense. We’re parents to two small hobgoblins so we squirrel out bits of music when we can😀

That’s great to hear! I think music is the best when it is authentic and not planned, you know? I also didn’t know you were a couple which is even more cool. What are the origins of Antique Doll and how did you get started writing music?

We’d been together for years and Richard had been in lots of bands. I decided I wanted to write some songs and it started there with a noisy song about a pull along bag we called Jessie. It fell apart, so it was my paean to the bag 😁.

Because we know each other so well it’s really easy to work together and we can be honest.

Soo… Antique Doll was birthed because of a broken bag? That’s awesome! Now, your music has a very unique feel to it, it’s very haunting yet also very wholesome and almost innocent sounding. What would you say are the best activities to do while listening to your music? In other words, what activities do you find this music most fitting for?

That’s a hard question. I wouldn’t know the answer to that. I suppose it’s whatever the individual feels like doing. It could be riding on a bus or washing the dishes 😁There is an idea of creating a musical space, but what people want to do with it is entirely up to them.

Haha I know it was a bit of a weird one, I was curious with what you’d come up with. I was intrigued by your album art, is that something that you created yourself?


The pictures of the birds and the other artwork is stuff that’s out of copyright from this weird website. So hopefully, we are free to snaffle it 😉

I’m sure whoever the artist is appreciates it’s versatile use! Seems pretty fitting for your music though. Have you always lived in Sheffield?

I’m originally from Rotherham, but have lived in Sheffield for over twenty years. Rich is from Batley and has lived in Sheffield even longer than me. We really love the city – it’s a friendly, diverse village and you’re never far away from amazing countryside. It’s so green.

Sounds lovely! Have you two done any live performances?

We did lots just over six years ago, before we had children. We played mostly in Sheffield with gigs in Manchester and London too. We’ve played in recent years, but having to get babysitters means it’s a bit trickier. They have to be special gigs – places which are people are going to listen. The music just gets swamped in noisy, boozy venues. Also, we want the night or the other bands playing with us to be complementary. I really feel playing live is pointless when it’s overdone and everywhere/anywhere. It’s got to be unique. The less we gig, though, the more nerve jangling it becomes and so the need for sedatives and tranquillisers becomes a must😀



Give Antique Doll a listen below, and support the artists by purchasing their music via Bandcamp.
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