Q&A: Weston Smith

Earlier this month, Weston Smith released his first full-length album, Forest of Reflection.

The appropriately named album features nine synthy songs that are both uplifting and calming. Weston Smith’s music is very piano and synth heavy, which gives it a deep cerebral groovy-mystic feel. This collection of music somehow elicits the feeling of walking through a forest at dawn, and clearing your mind for the day ahead.

Sam, the guy behind Weston Smith, sings about things that everyone can relate to – be it pensive or emotional. His music will make you feel nostalgic for memories tied to the songs even though it is your first time listening to them. Forest of Reflection is a reminder of how beautiful life is, and that it is essential to slow down and smell the roses.


Sam (aka Weston Smith) and I chatted about his new release, his range of musical influences, and how music really is the best therapy.


I’d like to begin just by hearing how Weston Smith started. Have you always been making/writing music?

I started writing music when I was in high school. I kept writing and I was able to improve and build off of the songs I wrote, and a few years into college I created Weston Smith. Weston is my middle name and I fused my love of synths, which I fell in love with at school, with lyrics that I write to help me cope through my anxieties.

That’s awesome. Music really is the best therapy!

I completely agree!

Are you still in school now?

I’m actually not in school right now – I’m now working as a piano instructor.

What/Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

I’m big into Synth Composers, a huge influence for my album was Mort Garson and his album Plantasia. I always listen to Plantasia when I need to relax, the perfect songs to unwind to.

Jazz and Synth Pop are some of my favortie genres to listen to. Jazz saxophonist Cannonball Adderley is amazing. There’s a jazz standard that I love called Autumn Leaves and Cannonball Adderley’s rendition of it is beautiful. It’s a hypnotic arrangement all the way through. Tears for Fears always hits me with those synth grooves.

Never heard of Plantasia before and I’m listening to it now and it’s pretty incredible. The rest are some pretty good picks as well. 

I love that album so much! I try to incorporate swing and other grooves as well in my songs.

Is Weston Smith just you or do you have any other collaborators/ band members?

I used to have some friends help me on other releases, like my EP Psychic and Wizard, but I took Forest of Reflection up on my own. I constantly work on new music, I’m already working on a bunch of new songs.

I have a solo set live where I play two synths, a drum machine, and my voice. It’s been a lot of fun so far. I would definitely love to have a full group one day to expand the sound, but for now I’ve found other ways to create so many different sounds live. I’m sure I’ll meet the right people who can bring new sounds to my music one day.

I bet that is quite the set-up! What is your favorite song on Forest of Reflection and is there a story behind it?

I think the album as a whole helps state a lot about myself. What I love, some times of sorrow, and the ability to cope when these times strike.

I will say a favorite song of mine is Evening Delight. It’s the shortest song on the album, but it builds using ambient synth lines and vocal harmonies. It’s relaxing to me and it’s about one of my favorite things to do at night, cruise in my car. It usually helps me get my mind off of things.

That’s a great song – it has a very full sound. How would you describe your music to someone who’s never heard it before?

I’d describe it as synth-driven songs to groove to when you’re happy or when you’re sad.


Listen to Forest of Reflection below:

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