Premiere: Weston Smith – “Dreaming Of You”

Weston promo pic

Weston Smith’s newest release, Deep Slumber, is the product of facing mental struggles and overcoming their invisible limitations.


Weston Smith was nice enough to open up and tell me a little bit more about one of the new tracks on the album, “Magic Potions”:

Magic Potions is a metaphor for all of the various emotions swirling within my head. I suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and my mood can shift in a matter of seconds. I wrote this song to give a glimpse into the vortex flowing within my mind and body. How one emotion can set off the next one (hateful red, depressing blue, joyful yellow), creating a cycle that seems like a daily routine at this point. I used all of the synths in this song to represent how I feel when different emotions kick in. The first verse presents a sense of happiness with a more upbeat melody, but the chorus shares my pain with all of the doom-driven synths.
A little side note – if you struggle with mental health, seek out help. It might seem impossible to handle going throughout a day because of the pain you feel, but finding someone or something that can take your mind off of these thoughts and feelings that can transform the negatives into positives makes life worth it. I share the same struggle, if you’re reading this then you’re not alone <3″


Deep Slumber won’t be out until March 10th (preorder here), but you can listen to the first single “Dreaming of You” here on Radiotrails first. Give it a listen below:


Check out my full interview with Weston Smith from last summer here.


If you are located in the DC area, give Weston Smith a follow on social media to stay up to date with his upcoming shows!

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Photo courtesy of Katelyn Kibler



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