Artist Spotlight: Los DeVitos


The best way to explain Los DeVitos is in two words: Beach Goth. The genre was coined by The Growlers several years ago and it captures the essence of laid-back indie/alternative smoky tunes that belong on the beach. Los DeVitos sound like early Growlers, without the lo-fi-old-school-gramophone effects. I always tell people: if you like The Growlers, then you’ll like Los DeVitos. Listening to them is almost like discovering secret unreleased Growlers demos.

The group is based out of Bakersfield, CA and they’ve released two albums in the last two years – and hopefully have more planned for the future. The band won me over with Sleeping In (2015) and their latest release, Selfish Lover (2016), is just as good. The vocals are on point, the tunes are catchy, and most importantly the band offers consistency in their sound.

Listen to their latest release, Selfish Lover, below.

Support the band by purchasing their music and merch through Bandcamp.


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