Artist Spotlight: Fatal Jamz

M A R I O N.jpeg

The LA-based ambitious and glamorous rock project is fronted by the always accessorized, gender-bending, Marion Belle. Fatal Jamz creates a bigger-than-life sound and Belle has the persona and fashion to match it. Their trilogy of rock albums embody the spirit of glam rock n’ roll stardom and they go all out and own every bit of it. Their most recent release, Coverboy (2016), and the eminent themes in that album speak to what Fatal Jamz are all about – the rise and fall of stardom, love, and Hollywood.

Give “Rookie” a listen below – it’s the story of Brooke Shields, the controversial child sex-symbol from the late 70s/ early 80s.


Start your Fatal Jamz binge by listening to Coverboy below:

And here’s one of my favorite tracks, from the 17 & Hung EP released last summer.


Fatal Jamz also totally rocks a live show. I highly suggest seeing them jam out a dive bar before they start filling up stadiums.

Soda Bar (San Diego, CA) – 2/16/2017



"These are fatal jams. There’s no turning back."
- Marion Belle via VICE
Support the band by purchasing their music and merch on Bandcamp.


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