Q&A + Show Review: argonaut&wasp

Over the past few years since their formation, argonaut&wasp have released a generous handful of electronic indie-pop jams bubbling with funky synth-inspiration guaranteed to get your feet moving. The product is carefree music that makes you feel good, while staying true to a unique sound that avoids over-saturation like common pop music today.

Fronting the group are friends Theo and Trey, who started argonaut&wasp soon after meeting in the dorms at University of Vermont back in the fall of 2012. The duo are now based out of NYC and are working towards releasing a full album in the next year. Their latest flowery and electrifying single “Go Getter” came out a couple of weeks ago on +1 Records. Give it a listen below:

Photo by Matt Benton

I caught up with Theo and Trey of argonaut&wasp before their San Diego show to talk about the tour so far with Miami Horror and new music in the works.

So you’re about halfway through your tour with Miami Horror! First off, how are you?

Feeling great.

Yeah, feeling relaxed. California’s so chill.

You’re from the East Coast, right?

Yeah, Brooklyn.

Is this your first time playing the West Coast?

Second time. We played here about a month and a half ago in L.A.

First time in San Diego, then?

Yeah, first time in San Diego.

How long have you been together as argonaut&wasp?

Somewhere around four and a half or five years.

How did you get connected to Miami Horror?

We played a show with them in New York about two years ago. They had a one-day music festival at this pretty cool spot called The Well in Brooklyn and they invited us to play one of the sets. That’s when we first met them and when we were in California about a month and a half ago, we DJ’d a party that their manager was putting on and we reconnected, hung out, and next thing you know – here we are.

Do you have any stories you’d like to share from the tour thus far?

In Vancouver, on our first day of tour, we had our car broken into.

Yeah within literally an hour of parking our car got smashed.

Oh no! Was anything taken?

Fortunately, no just the car got smashed.

We had just loaded all of the gear into soundcheck and had no time to stop at the Air BnB so we figured we should just bring in all of our luggage to the green room. And right after sound check I went to run back outside to the car and saw that our windows were smashed.

Oh, another story was when we were in Seattle: it was our first time playing on a stage where there was a big 4-foot gap between the stage and barricade. The turn out at that show was great, and it seemed like people were really getting down with our set. Towards the end of the set, all of the bright white lights were just flashing onto us, blinding our eyes so we could barely see. I couldn’t really tell what the crowd looked like because the lights were blinding, but it looked crazy. At the climax of our last song we basically leaped off of the stage and onto the barricade, planning to crowd surf. Theo quickly turned around because he saw what I didn’t see, which was these three little girls.

It was no good.

Yeah, it was no good and I tried to turn around, but I slipped and fell like straight onto them.

And you just released a single “Go Getter” a couple of weeks ago and “Saigon” a few months back. Any album plans for 2020?

Yeah, we’re definitely putting an album out in 2020, it’s just a matter of timing now.

Is there anything you can share about what’s in the works?

You can expect a new single in about a month and a half, and we’re basically going to be playing more shows. We’re trying to tour again after this is over, too.

argonaut&wasp brought the heat to a zesty crowd at San Diego’s Music Box opening for Miami Horror.

Although halfway through their US tour, the energetic quartet made sure San Diego was ready to boogie in between Marc Baker‘s and Miami Horror‘s sets. They played all of their hits including “Composure,” “Monacillo,” and “Beast of Burden” in addition to closing the set with a few of their newest songs: “Go Getter” and “Saigon.”

Check out some media from the show below:

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